School IT notices for staff and students

Use of the passwords generated from this site with the addition of one or two of these characters ~!@#$%^&*(){}/?\ somewhere makes for a very good password.

You will see a 12 letter pronounceable password generated there is less secure than an eight character one with the addition of one of the above characters in them. You can make quite secure passwords that are quite easy to remember and very secure. I won't suggest you use this, it's just an example: \/Amp!r3(v is \ / without spaces)

Easy to remember and hard to guess. Even if you know someones password was pronounced "vampire", it's all in how easy it is to actually get the right characters in the right places. If you are prone to short passwords you can remember passwords like "wars," \/\/4Rs! (w is \ / \ / without spaces) is secure. "wars" is very bad.

If you can make sure you have one each or more of lowercase, uppercase, number and special character you are on your way to a good password.

The button below will generate 15 new reasonably secure passwords each time it is clicked. If none of the passwords generated are to you your liking, click again.

This is here only as an aid to those finding it difficult to come up with their own passwords and all are nine characters, one character longer than the minimum accepted on the school computer systems. Feel free to only use them as a guide.

Brought to you by |>0uG!(Doug!)
(No, it's not my password;)