A Message From The Secondary Coordinator

Dear Parents and Carers,

The HSC students are getting closer to finishing their exams! Remaining exams include Physics, Biology, and Information Processes & Technology (IPT). Please continue to pray for them, especially the outgoing Yr 12s as they transition to the next stage of their lives.

The Yr 6 students who attended, both from here and other schools, really enjoyed the variety of subjects on offer. Wonderful to see!

SCC is preparing to support "National Others Week". The focus is looking beyond ourselves and helping others. A special school project will run next week, as well as a fundraising barbeque on Friday 8/11 to raise funds for NSW bushfires.

*Yr 10 Yearly Exams: Will begin next week. They will resemble tests the students will certainly encounter as they move into senior schooling. Please keep them in prayer.
*Yr 7-9 Yearly Exams: To start Mon 11/11. Subject summaries are due next week.
*Tax File Number Applications: I will send these off soon after Monday 11/11. Anyone wishing to put in an application will need to see me for a form early next week.

To start operation Mon 4 November. This comes around each year as a result of senior students completing some HSC courses and needing to now focus on other areas for the remainder of the year. The timetable has been issued, resulting in significant changes to all classes across Secondary. Senior students have Mondays off unless required for special foundation coursework (for practical subjects).

Ticket purchases need to be finalised by 8 November. Please inform the Office Staff at the time of purchase if any member of your party requires a special diet* (including vegetarian) so that the caterers can be informed.

*A special form for this was attached to the original Formal note.

Rob Anderson
Secondary Coordinator - Administration/Welfare